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You are your child's first, best teacher!

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Lewis Cass ISD offers all families with young children from zero to five years of age free, voluntary parenting education, screening and assessments, informational and referral network.

It's never too early to enhance your child's school readiness. All parents want their children to be happy, healthy, and successful.

Great Start 0-5: 
Focuses on your family's strengths.
      Parents may choose any, or all 
of the following services... 
 Adapts services to meet your family's needs through the following...    
  • Home visits from a nurse for families with newborns
  • Home based parenting information and education
  • Parent/child play groups
  • Developmental newsletter
  • Links and referrals to other community resources and your local school system
  • Health, dental, vision, hearing, and developmental screenings/assessments
  • Resource directory
 Personal Visits which are the heart of the program. A parent educator, knowledgeable about child development and brain research on early learning, helps you understand what to expect as your child grows. He/she will also offer practical suggestions on encouraging learning as well as managing challenging behavior.     
Group Meetings will provide the opportunity to meet with other parents and gain new insights, share experiences, and discuss parenting topics.   Services are available to all families with children from birth to age five living in Cass County:

Give your child the best possible start in life, because your baby was Born to Learn!
 Screenings and Assessments, administered periodically by a parent educator and/or nurse that will assess your child's overall development, as well as health, hearing, vision, and dental.  
 Connections with Community Resources that link your family to services beyond the scope of the Great Parents Great Start Program.   Call: (269)-445-6283 for information or e-mail to: 

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